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An SOS post from the Ebola front by a member of our Commission, Sallieu Kamara

I am really sorry for my long silence. I have been away from the office for a very long time now. I am on the verge of losing my entire blood family in the village. The village is called Kagbanthama in the Bureh Kasseh Makonteh chiefdom, about 16 miles from Port Loko town.

My people are dying in droves. Within the course of last week alone, I lost four of my brothers and sisters (two from the same mother). I am just confused because I don't know to what extent this will continue. About 50 people have already died in the village in the last three months. The most disturbing aspect of all of this is the failure of the authorities there (health care workers and chiefs) to tell the people the actual cause(s) of these unprecedented deaths.

For the past three months or so, the medical teams attached to the EVD have collected blood samples from sick people and swabs from corpses, but up to this day no result has ever been made available to the surviving families or the community. So the people continue to die without knowing precisely what's responsible for it.

Also, no concrete action has ever been instituted in the community in terms of restricting movements of people to minimize transmission (quarantining). And until someone does this, the people will keep coming up with their own theories of what is responsible for their predicaments.

So this is the situation my brother.

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