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EBOLA and the 'Blame Game' by Momo Turay

Ebola has been around for a while now and its death toll, plus its other destructive implications on our people, continues unabated.

One thing that keeps cropping up is the blame game involved in this whole calamity.

Speak to ordinary people about their views, especially on the soar in number of death and the high rate of infection and transfer, and they will blame the government for not giving them clear, concise, and reliable information about the disease. They argue that they have been eating wild animals (scientific source of the disease) and as such they are not convinced of the scientific source. Also, the ruined state of the health facilities cannot be trusted for the test of Ebola as credibility and reliability of test results have often been a point of concern. Over and again we have seen people turned away from the centres because of the inability of those centres to cope (accommodate and respond to cases).
What is the government saying? First, as it is often the case, we know most African governments for-the international community is not helping or supporting us; we are not able to meet the demands of the disease, including adequate knowledge and understanding of the disease. Secondly, our people (their subjects) are not listening to the message we are putting out about the disease. Governments continue to say people are still ignoring health warnings and advice on contact with infected persons, including traditional rites (washing dead bodies or touching the dead bodies as farewell gestures during burial).
The media, especially the main stream, as always in such situations will come down hard on African governments. They are inept, corrupt, slow to respond and the usual issues. The media does not spare the ordinary people either. -the lifestyle of people is blamed, their state of poverty is defined and analyzed, their ignorance and other derogatory terms are used to present the situation to their ever receptive audience in a stereotypical manner. 
The international community will also exonerate themselves by coming up with and stating figures of support of all kinds, reaffirming their ability and desire to take the situation to a successful conclusion. 
Will anybody ever take the blame? I think this is one reason why we still continue to see EBOLA having a field day.

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