The commission was established in July 2014

by 14 participants of an

international conference, " Suvivor-Centered

Responses to Massive Disasters." It was our

goal to bring together specialists from a

variety of fields--ethnography, mental health,

journalism-- to convene on the issue of how to

make survivors of disasters more active

agents in their own recovery. From the

conference, the International Commission for

Survivor-Centered Disaster Recovery was

founded to further the mission of bringing survivors to the forefront of disaster response initiatives and policy-making.


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Viergelie Valmont Bernard

Diane Goldstein

Lindsay Graham

Hiroyuki Hashimoto

Kate Horigan

Kako Inoue

Etzer Jean

Sallieu Kamara

Koji Kato

Amadu Khan

Carl Lindahl

Ludwidge Louis

Licia Masoni

Elana Newman

Ashish Sen

Amy Shuman

Momo Turay

Xiao Kui Wang


Full List of Commission Members